Reductil / reduce


Ingredients:   sibutramine hydrochloride

Manufactured by Ordain

Content: 100 caps /each cap 15mg

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Brand Name: Reduce, Reductil, Meridia
Generic Name: Sibutramine HCI
Manufacturer: Ordain
Sibutramine is a centrally-acting serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake
inhibitor structurally related to amphetamines.
A central, appetite-suppressing agent that blocks reuptake of
serotonin and norepinephrine, and, to a lesser extent dopamine; it
provides a sensation of fullness from less food, and
metabolism Indications Obese Pts with an initial BMI of ? 30
kg/m2 or ? 27 kg/m2 with other factors?eg, HTN, DM, dyslipidemia
Adverse effects Headache, dry mouth, anorexia, constipation
Contraindications Concurrent MAOIs, other central appetite
suppressants, anorexia nervosa. See Obesity.
It has nothing to do with fat absorption like Xenical does.