Proscar (Firide 5mg)


Ingredients:   finasteride

Manufactured by   Siam Bheaseach

Content: 30 tabs /each tab   5mg

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Firide general indications
Generic Name: Finasteride
Brand name: Proscar
Usually men buy Firide 5mg if they have an enlarged prostate.
Proscar helps to shrink it and bring it back to normal. Many men who have reached 50 years are suffering from benign prostate (a chestnut-shaped gland in men) enlargement and as a rule order Proscar to overcome this common problem. It is very important to treat prostate disorders since it is
responsible for liquid production which is an essential part of semen. Also problems with urination appear in case of prostate enlargement since it squeezes the urethra thus preventing
the normal urine flow. Those who neglected timely treatment and did not purchase Proscar ended up with surgical prostate removal.
There are other indications for Proscar which may not be listed in this information summary. Another reason for men to order Proscar online is treatment of hair loss. Proscar pills do
not only help to cure baldness but also serve as preventive measure against prostate cancer.
It is known that there will be no problem if someone wants to buy Proscar without prescription. Usually people who want to find out where to buy Proscar and preferably Proscar without
prescription are searching for Proscar online. Proscar for sale can be found not only in local drug stores but also at online pharmacies which offer cheap Proscar. For men who buy Proscar
no prescription is required at online drug stores, but women and children should not take Proscar.