Singulair 10mg (generic)


Ingredients:   montelukast

Manufactured by Silom medical

Content: 28 tabs /each tab 10mg

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In asthma, Singulair 10 mg Generic is the best in the Game!    This high dose stuff will relax the air passages of the lungs to make breathing easier and to help you chill out after a stressful attack.
It attacks in a blink of an eye!
You should continue to take your Singulair even if you feel that your asthma is under control.
Singulair will not relieve your symptoms once an attack of breathlessness or an asthma attack has started. You must use your fast-acting inhaled bronchodilator to relieve an asthma attack. Ask your prescriber or asthmanurse for advice on what to do if you have an asthma attack.
Singulair also reduces your body’s response to allergens and to certain situations which trigger asthma attacks. In this way it can help prevent asthma which is triggered by exercise. In people with asthma it can also help relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis.
You need to take Singulair as prescribed in order to get the best results from using it. It is a good idea to make it part of your routine and to take it at the same time or times every day. The pharmacy label will tell you how much you should take.
Do not share your medicine with other people. It may not be suitable for them and may harm them.
The pharmacy label on your medicine tells you how much medicine you should take. It also tells you how often you should take your medicine. This is the dose that you and your prescriber have agreed you should take. You should not change the dose of your medicine unless you are told to do so by your prescriber.
If you feel that the medicine is making you unwell or you do not think it is working, then talk to your prescriber.