Privacy Policy


• Your personal information including orders info is kept safe and protected by pass phrases. We will protect your personal information by all means.

Availability of the products on our site is subject to change without further notice

• We do not warrant that the information accessible on this site is accurate or complete. However we do our best to provide the best advice to our clients. We encourage discretion when browsing the internet using ours or anyone else’s service.

• reserves the rights to assume no liability for any products used in the wrong way.   All liability rests with the buyer to use products under the guidance of a licensed physician in hes/her locate.

• Our prices are subject to change according to fluctuating medication prices, currency rates and other factors.

• By placing an order on our site the customer represents to alldaymeds that delivery of the requested product(s) will not violate any import, export or other law or regulation in the customers home jurisdiction.

• AllDayMeds do not recommend self-management of ones health.


When buying from our store, you agree to the following conditions:

-I am at least 21 years of age

-I am agreeing that the alldaymeds staff may place certain products inside extra thick wrapping to make sure they do not break in transit. This measure is in no way taken to bother me with difficult unwrapping etc. It is simply to ensure that I receive my order in the best possible condition.

-I agree and continue to agree that it is my responsibility to consult with my local physician and pharmacist, to ensure that I am not taking any contraindicated medication(s) with my current prescribed medications.

-I am permitted by law in my location to purchase ,use and receive the product(s) requested by me.

-I agree that takes no responsibility for shipping delays due to incorrect shipping address provided by the customer and/or due to official holidays.

-I expressly agree and continue to agree to take the whole responsibility for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in my jurisdiction. I take all responsibility for confirming the importation requirements to my locate.

-I will not purchase any medications that goes against the advice given to me by my own doctor.

-I am not involved in any illegal activities.  The medications I buy through this web site is solely for my own consumption.

-I have had a recent physical examination by a local, licensed physician and my doctor has informed me that use of the requested medication(s) is required and proper for my medical condition.

-The quantity of medications I am ordering does not exceed the maximum quantity allowed for personal import into my country.

-I hereby release alldaymeds and its employees from all liability associated with my use of medications bought through this site.

-I agree to use the services on this web site in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations in my country.

-I have safely used the requested medication  while under a licensed doctor’s care. I have been advised by trained health care staff that the use of the medication is appropriate for my medical condition.

-I am requesting the necessary medication(s) solely for my medical and therapeutic needs. They are not for misuse.

-In case of any issues, complications or questions regarding the use of the requested medication(s) I agree to contact my physician for medical assistance.